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Get a warm welcome to Senegal with Sencoconut Tours.

Come to a land rich in beauty, history, culture and “teranga”.

Come to Senegal with Sencoconut Tours.





Less than an eight-hour trip from New York City, the beauty of Senegal is not only evident in its fashion, music and landscape; it extends to its warm and generous people. The word we use is "teranga".  It means hospitality and Senegal is famous for it. Whether you are dining on the national dish of thieboudienne or participating in a local party of sabar drums and dancing, there is no place you will feel more welcomed.   Let Sencoconut make your trip to this inspiring land unforgettable. Find the perfect vacation package by destination, theme, or price. Sencoconut will attend to all the details. You just relax and enjoy your travels.

We offer vacation packages suited to your interests and needs that include air, hotels, boat, and bus tours. Include a guided trip to historic Goree Island, an outpost of the Atlantic slave trade and named one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. Its quiet and quaint present are in stark contrast to it’s tragic past. Start a 10 day trip in Dakar, a busy & thriving metropolis and the capital city of Senegal that opens wide the gateway to Africa. 

Explore the local artisanal markets that sell everything from clothing in colorful hand woven fabrics, to freshly cut coconuts, to fine woodcarvings and handmade drums. The city offers museums, beaches, cultural exhibits and much more. Visit the phosphorous Pink Lake and surrounding villages and sand dunes. Enjoy Senegal’s rich music scene with visits to its famous clubs and music festivals. Even drum performances around a beach bonfire can be arranged. Don't miss the opportunity to have a vacation of memories that will last a lifetime! Contact Sencoconut tours.

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