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Day 1: Dakar

Arrive in Dakar airport where you will be welcomed by your tour guide and transported to your hotel. As you acclimate to your new surroundings, you will be briefed on your trip.  Relax or take a dip in the pool. Enjoy your first meal at the hotel.

Day 2: Dakar / Saly


Begin your day with breakfast in the hotel. Take in the sights and sounds of Dakar on a guided tour where you will be introduced to its French colonial architecture and lively markets. Visit the Presidential Palace, Independence Square, Cathedral, Statute of Renaissance, flower market, and artisanal market.

For lunch ferry over to Goree Island, an outpost of the Atlantic slave trade and an UNESCO world heritage site. Visit the slave house where its own curator will provide you with a personal tour. Drop by the ethnographic museum. Wander Goree's cobblestone roads and browse the local artists' work.

Evening, depart for the “Petite Cote”. On the way, stop by Sindia forest for breathtaking views of Senegal's national tree - the baobab. Arrive in the coastal town of Mbour where you will greet the fishermen as they return with the day's catch. Enjoy a typical Senegalese dinner and an overnight stay in Saly.

Day 3: Saly / Kaolack / Ziguinchor


Enjoy breakfast in the hotel before departing for Ziguinchor, capital town of the Casamance region. On the way, visit the markets of Kaolack famous for their medicinal herbs and handicrafts. Savor lunch in one of Kaolack’s fine restaurants. Continue on your travels, stopping by various villages where you will meet local village families and visit their homes.

In the late afternoon, arrive at the hotel in Zinguichor, along the salt water Casamance River. Sample some Senegalese tea as you take in the views of fishermen on their traditional and colorful fishing boats – “pirogues”.  Dine on the local specialty “c’est bon” either in the home of a local resident or a restaurant.

Day 4: Ziguinchor / Oussouye / Cap Skirring


Dine for breakfast in the hotel. You will be treated to a tour of the charming town of Ziguinchor, visiting the artisanal market and fruit & vegetable market. Enjoy lunch at the “campement” in Oussouye – composed of traditional Diola mud huts.

In the afternoon, depart for the sleepy town of Cap Skirring to enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Take in the views of vegetation sand and ocean. Relax on the beach. Soak in the warm waters of Africa’s west coast.

Dinner will be accompanied by a performance of traditional Diola African drums and dancing around a beach bonfire. Feel free to join in the festivities.

Day 5: Cap Skirring / Kabrousse / Katakalousse


Enjoy breakfast in the hotel in Cap Skirring and take the five-minute trip to Kabrousse. Here you will be introduced to one of the most ancient traditions of the region – the religion of Animism. You will meet a Diola Chief who will explain these village traditions and beliefs where nature and man mingle and spirits are worshipped.

Depart for the neighboring town of Katakalousse and hop aboard a pirogue for a leisurely ride along the saltwater river of Casamance. View pelicans, flamingos, egrets, herons and dolphins. Stop in a village along the banks of the river for a picnic lunch. You may see local women harvesting or roasting oysters.

Return to the hotel in Cap Skirring for more relaxing beach time. Partake in dinner in town. Dance to world music in club Kassoumaye (optional).

Day 6: Cap Skirring / Banjul


Dine on breakfast in the hotel as you overlook the ocean. Depart for the English, Wolof & Mandinka speaking country of Gambia.

Arrive for lunch in the small & beautiful capital city of Banjul on the mouth of the Gambian River. Settle into the hotel before browsing the colorful and lively textile and artisanal market. Pick up souvenirs such as masks, jewelry and batiks. Tour the city, taking in the views of English colonial architecture. Relax in the hotel, enjoy a beverage, and take a dip in the pool or fresh water before dinner.

Day 7: Banjul / Juffureh / Toubacouta

Enjoy breakfast in the hotel. Visit Juffreh - the small ancestral village of the Alex Haley, African-American author of Roots. Meet the Mandinka villagers.

Return to Banjul for a refreshing lunch before departing to Toubacouta, Senegal. Cross the Gambian River by ferry.

Arrive in the culturally rich and ethnically diverse town of Toubacouta for a pirogue boat ride along the Saloum River. You’ll find the trip a birdwatcher's paradise as you spot pelicans, herons, egrets, flamingos and other migratory birds along the mangroves.

Enjoy a refreshing glass of bissap juice while gazing at the diverse flora and fauna. Then, savor dinner and a restful night at the hotel.

Day 8: Toubacouta / Saly


Dine for Breakfast in the hotel.

Depart for the international seaside resort town of Saly on the Petite Cote.

Enjoy lunch in Saly after settling into the hotel.

Relax on the long sandy beach with its calm clear waters and listen to the sounds of the ocean beckon you. Rent a beach umbrella and purchase some refreshments or forgo the umbrella and work on your tan. Not in the mood for the beach? Then browse some of Saly’s many boutiques.

Enjoy a dinner of fish or other local specialty. Partake in Saly’s happening nightlife or have a quiet evening in the hotel.

Day 9: Saly / Pink Lake / Dakar


Have breakfast in hotel before departing for Retba and the famed Pink Lake - named for the pink color that can be observed when the African sun shines from above.

Pass by the Fula village of Niague before enjoying lunch by the lake. Witness first hand its pink hue. Float on its surface with such buoyancy you will feel as if laying on top of a bed. Take a four-wheel drive on an antique French World War II jeep on the surrounding sand dunes. See the population harvesting salt from the lake. Stop by the nearby ocean and you may see local boys exercising on the beach.

Return to Dakar to the bustling HLM market where locals shop for their textiles. Pick up fabric of African wax prints, cotton brocade “bazin,” lace or embroidered cloth.

Be a guest in the home of a family close to the market for Senegalese tea and other refreshments.

Dine in the hotel for your last night’s stay.

Day 10: Dakar / Airport

Enjoy a farewell breakfast in the hotel and transportation to the airport or enjoy a day or two more to explore Dakar museums, music and culture on your own.

We hope you loved your stay in Senegal and the Gambia. We welcome you back soon.

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