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About Sen Coconut Tours

Sencoconut Tours specializes exclusively in travel tours within Senegal, Gambia and Ghana. Although established in the United States, it is owned and operated by a professional Senegalese tour guide with extensive experience welcoming foreign tourists to the riches of this region. Here we consider all our caring and generous visitors to be brothers and sisters.

Travelers can expect excellent and reliable service whether coming to Africa to gain a deeper understanding of the history of slavery, or experience the warmth of West African people and their vibrant culture. Specialty tours can be arranged for groups according to their particular interests and needs such as: music, dance, flora and fauna, fashion, art, handicrafts, education, health and of course reconnecting to African ancestry.

Knowledgeable travel enthusiasts lead our tours with patience and understanding. Their mission is to make your experience delightful and unforgettable.

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